Social Media Marketing (SMM) Tips For Your Business

Social media is the fastest growing division of the internet. It allows you to reach the supreme audience possible by letting you make choices on the basis of gender, age, language and even geographies. Appmocx can help you create, extend, and maintain the online presence of your company through these social media channels. You can customize your social media marketing package with us so that it works best with your business requirements. Once you partner with us, we make sure you get what you want. We follow these few important tips to exploit your social media marketing strategy to promote your business as well as build new relationships. We enable you to generate leads and build your solitary brand name through top social media networks and prepare you for an aggressive competition in the present and future.

Social Media Marketing

1. Effective marketing mix

Choosing the correct social media platform for your business is important. It is not a rule anywhere that all similar businesses should work as per the same strategy. Just because one platform is bringing a lot of success to one business, doesn’t mean that it will bring the same results in the other as well. You need to use an analytics tool and decide which strategy you think will work best for you. Having the right SMM mix can make it remarkably smooth to grow a large and engaged social media audience. Your focus should be on social media accounts on upcoming networks to block the space for your brand as it becomes popular.

2. Organizational SMM strategy

Create an organizational chart for your SMM campaign defining the roles, responsibilities and share it with all the people who come under it. Also share it to the top leaders and key people of your company to ensure control and to create alignment. I you are not able to align it to the top levels, it can become difficult for different teams to match up to the expectations of different managers as they may expect different outcomes.

3. Different strategies for different SMM channels

You may be committing a big mistake if you hop on to a social media platform without proper planning. In case you are a startup, focus on only two to three active social media sites. If small businesses try to handle close to five different social media accounts, chances are that it will all land into a puddle. Hence, no results.

10 Social media marketing tips

4. Create posts regularly

The most important step is to put the right systems in place to keep your posts relevant, interesting and valuable for your audience. Remember that the participants of your networking sites would be following a number of other accounts too hence it is extremely important to post on a regular basis and not get out passed by the rest in the race. You should be clear about, how frequently to post and what to post? Be consistent and try to engage maximum audience. Again, do not forget that every social media site has its own unique way of functioning and you have to keep up to that. Post what you think is relatable, useful and at the same time entertaining at the same time for your users. Create a log of the type of posts you are posting to ensure that you don’t share the same posts again and again.

5. Use a Social media tool

SMM tools are basically websites where you can publish content across all your social media accounts simultaneously. It is a lot easier for you to track and measure your results because you will be seeing all your social media feeds and the reactions to them in one dashboard. The most popular social media tools these days are Hootsuite and Sprout social.

6. Learn new trends through SMM conferences

The social media structure is subject to continuous change. Every six months to one year the favorite website of our marketers keeps changing. A very effective way to good stay updated about social media trends is by attending a social media conference. You can learn from influencers and your peers. Such events provide attendees with excellent information about social media best practices.

Social media marketing 2

7. Know your audience and give them a reason to follow you

As per the most recent stats, Facebook has 2.07 billion monthly active users, Instagram has around 800 million, LinkedIn 470 million and Twitter has 330 million active users. Develop a clarity around what the users are looking for and also understand their perspective. Then, supply content that will match with it and give them the reason to follow you among the other choices that they may have.

8. Analyze and Improve

Every business using SMM should track their social media metrics on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis so as to know if they are required to modify their SMM strategy. Start tracking your social media ROI and other important details if you haven’t done already so that you at least know if it is working or not. You can analyze the effectiveness of your social media by monitoring items such as, visits and mentions on twitter and LinkedIn, views and actions on google plus and likes/comments/mentioned in Instagram.

9. Optimize Visual Content with Links

The most popular type of content on the internet is pictures and perhaps that is the reason why Instagram ad Pinterest have such a high user resistance as compared to the others. These days, adding pictures to the web has become very easy with the prevalence of tools like Canva and Landscape. Visual content opens up like a window to more understandable and efficient content. Your content should be such that if attracts more traffic to your website and more demand for your products and services. Nothing beats the idea to have a video take through or tutorial of your profile.

Social media marketing 3

10. Proper Hash-tagging

Create good hashtags that explains the purpose of your posts and is relatable. Your hashtags used should not be random, they should be strategic and should work to thread all the beads of your campaign into a single string. It should be simple, understandable and easy to remember. Once you get an idea, check it on all the social media websites to confirm that it is unique and is not being used by any other businesses. Once it is created and verified, use it in all your posts that can relate to it and encourage sharing through users. Don’t forget to monitor your hashtags and track which ones are most engaging for the users.

11. Join groups, forums and communities

Social media groups, forums and communities allow you to get connected with like-minded businessmen and share your knowledge and experience vice versa. if they like your content, they will be tempted to talk about it to another audience on their social media accounts or maybe on their own websites. Search for groups related to the same industry on your social media channels you’re active on, then start joining and actively participating. Facebook groups, Twitter chats, LinkedIn groups and Google+ communities are some of the many avenues available.

12. Create groups, forums and communities

In case there aren’t any active groups and discussions, within your industry, create one and share the information with people who you think may be interested. You could start in a small city, a group within your industry and even groups with other companies in the same industry. Yes, social and engage with other people and be noticed.

Social media marketing 4

13. Create Blogs with most applauded social media posts

If there are any of your past posts on your social media accounts that were a hit amongst your followers, explore the topic some more and try to gather more information on the same. Upgrade your post into a blog with more details that the audience have been looking for. You can also check out other people’s content like blogs, publications, newsletters etc. that you can relate to and get more ideas. A great idea to be noticed is to comment on the posts that you are reading and the transform those comments to blogs.

14. Competitors

There is no harm in checking how your competitors are performing on social media platforms. Use this opportunity to focus the type of terminology keywords etc being used by them in all their posts. Apart from analyzing the content that they post, you may also check their followers, who are they following, the frequency of their posts, their most applauded posts etc. If your competitors have a very powerful social media presence, make an effort to understand their strategies and see what improvements You need to work upon.

15. Team Involvement

SMM is the responsibility of an entire team and a person does not have to manage it single handedly. Your employees from multiple departments can be encouraged to participate in the SMM. They may contribute in any form. The more the involvement, the more the ideas and the better the results.


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