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Every business desires a website that showcases the style and integrity of its brand by simultaneously encouraging more customers to get associated with it.

Appmocx designs personalized websites that cater to the strength of your brand and are within your budget. We bring to you the most impressive websites from some of the best skilled web designers and developers out there. All of our services are delivered keeping only one thing in mind, that our customers satisfaction is most important.

When is the web designing cost estimated?

Every web or mobile app development project has to grow through a number of stages before the final process estimation is tendered to the customer. Before estimating the price, evaluation of the project and calculation of every stage of development is essential, to clarify the client’s needs and requirements. Price estimation includes all aspects of the final product, so it will be easier to estimate price more precisely when all requirements are explained and discussed properly.

Briefly, there are 7 basic components of the web development process (Insert link to article) for an app :

  1. Evaluation of the project
  2. Creating a design for the app
  3. Researching about functionality and UX
  4. Planning the roadmap for development and KPIs
  5. Deciding on the main features
  6. Implementing functionality -Dry run of the app
  7. Testing and fixing some bugs or discrepancies

Estimating web design cost

Our team of web designers and developers works with the marketing team to make a good-looking website that is not only robust but also advertises your brand. After all, good websites are a result of good designing. If your site looks outdated and uneasy to use or inefficient in any way, there is a huge risk of losing customers. Hence, you get an outstanding website with the appearance and theme you want along with the SEO power to rank up high in Google search results.

We believe that your success is our success and hence we try our best to give you a website that projects your business remarkably. This is the foundation of our web design process. Check out the web design price calculator below and get a quote for yourself today!

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Components of web designing cost?

Appmocx designs websites in a manner that is most useful to earn a higher rate of return on your investment. We develop the layout of your site, produce content, and facilitate new ideas at every possible step to boost up your return on investment.

We bring website development services through our marvelous team that extensive knowledge of creating strong back-end codes for a website.

We also conduct online testing to find the best ways to improve your site for improvements. Websites should evolve, be adaptive and should get better based on actual data. Hence, even after your website is made, we continue updating it so that it attracts more customers and revenue with minor, carefully-modified updates.

Our team ensures that you get more than what you pay for. Keeping this in mind, our focus is on the following features in every web designing project.

What makes a website perfect?

We owe our success to our clientele for trusting us and showing faith in our capabilities. Hence, we try to meet your requirements to the best of our ability by focusing on the following approach.

1. Look of the Website

Look of the website

This is the first step in attracting new customers. The look of your website will immediately tell the visitors more than words. The chances of converting audience into customers is more when your website is equipped with the latest technology and designs, images, videos and other media. It is an undeniable fact that the look of your website plays an integral part in its success!

The trend these days is to incorporate a responsive design into the website – which means, your website will have the ability to transform automatically and fit on the screen of any device. Appmocx aims is to provide a wonderful user experience. When the audience sees that you have an informative and impressive website, they would feel like spending more time exploring it.

2. Navigation


As important as the appearance of a website is the navigation to provide enhanced user experience. Navigation basically means that if someone is trying to find a particular detail, the website must have it under the related heading. The navigation should be designed in such a manner that it is helpful in desktops and mobile devices. There are numerous other navigation styles available one of the most popular one these days is the breadcrumb navigation. In this, your site users can jump back to any page they have visited previously. So, if you are an eCommerce site, someone can easily go from a product page to the category page with one click. It is all about what works for your brand in terms of providing an amazing experience to your users.

3. Focus


It is crucial to keep the focus of your customers on your website all the time. If you lose it, they will leave your website and you might miss out on a new lead. Focus is valuable because it keeps their curiosity in your products or services all the time. Different companies have different ways of keeping their customers glued to their websites. For example :

  • Videos – A visually oriented medium is a very effective means to hold someone’s attention. A video empowers you to summarize the content to be shared within minutes instead of bugging visitors to read long pages of text. While texts can get boring after a few seconds, a video keeps your visitors glued from start till the end.
  • Info-graphics – Info-graphic content helps you to attain attention and interest by presenting industry-related data to your visitors with simple and understandable visual content.
  • Downloadable Material – This is a great way to preserve someone’s attention. The downloads can consist of a .zip file full of resources or a PDF packed insider information to the top.

4. Direction


Once the visitors are settled in the website, it is time to provide them with the direction to proceed on your web page. Vertical scrolling is the most common form of progression on any website in the world because it is easy. so simple, intuitive, and useful. The desktop version of your website will usually contain a mega navigation header with a lot of drop-down options. However, it has to be planned differently for a mobile site. In the mobile version pages should be easy for someone to tap and open a large menu, hold, and choose they can scroll just like working on a desktop.

5. Action


The visitors of your website will take action only if you encourage them to do so in order to get one step closer to becoming a customer. It is extremely helpful to use a call to action (CTA) at the multiple spaces on your site. It can be in the for of forms of text links, image links, buttons, form fields, and more. To accomplish the best for you, Appmocx designers will create a website that fulfills all five of integral features to make sure you establish a strong internet presence.

We will even test it to make sure you get more and more customers as possible every single day!


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