What is Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System (CMS) is a computer application that supports the creation and modification of digital content. It typically supports multiple users in a collaborative environment. A CMS is designed to support the management of the content of Web pages. Companies also use CMSs to store, control, revise, and publish documentation. Content management systems typically provide the following features :

  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Integrated and online help
  • Modularity and extensibility
  • User and group functionality
  • Templating support for changing designs
  • Install and upgrade wizards
  • Integrated audit logs
  • Compliance with various accessibility frameworks and standards, such as WAI-ARI

Why does your business need CMS?

Whether you are running a small, mid size or a million dollar business and have a website of your own, it is extremely crucial to ensure a proper web presence. Appmocx will help you to streamline and organize your web content in a manner that will ensure rapid growth of your business. In today’s business scenario, content management systems are an absolute necessity for all the websites on the internet. Appmocx brings to you a very transparent and world class CMS development service for as low as $3000.

CMS is a web-based application that gives permission to multiple users to manage specific parts of a website chording to their accessibility assigned to them. You may Scroll down this page for further details or fill our form for an exact quote and save time!

Many web development companies use CMS as a customized web app for maintaining their websites. Appmocx will not only help you to make your website’s content easier to manage but also provide :

  • Customize CMS packages as per your project budget
  • Integrate other CMS platforms based on your business needs and goals
  • A multi-talented team of web developers, designers and SEO experts to provide you exceptional service to increase your revenue

Appmocx will help you assign different permission levels to your CMS users so that they will be able to edit your web content, data, and other applications.

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Pricing for CMS Development

The cost of a content management system varies from business to business. Some are very expensive, while others are not. Some CMSs require a monthly fee, while others may only have costs associated with their hosting. Content management system cost can cover an elaborate portfolio depending on your preferences.

To determine the cost of a CMS for your company, please check our Project cost calculator on our website and we shall generate an immediate quotation to calculate the approximate cost of a custom CMS configuration for your website.

What Kind of CMS Platforms Are Available

Appmocx understands the need for you to be able to manage your online content and business needs in a budget friendly way. Our b rilliant team of CMS web developers and CMS SEO experts maximize the open source platforms available for your business. A perfect CMS is one that is customized for you in accordance with your business needs from scratch to meet your requirements. Appmocx CMS development service is all you need! We have a wide array of designing and developing solutions to fit your requirements.

Whether you choose an existing CMS solution like Magento, Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal, etc. that have emerged as some of the most reliable, flexible, cost-effective and search-engine friendly content management systems available today or opt for a customized CMS, Appmocx will evaluate your requirements that suit you and optimize it to perform perfectly in search.

Switching Your CMS

If you’re looking to enhance the functionality of your website, you will need to switch to a new CMS. Maybe you have been doing everything manually and a good CMS can help you better manage your website. Below are a few reasons why you might consider switching your CMS :

  • No support redesign
  • Lmitations that require extensive custom development
  • Expensive
  • Slow
  • Site owner wants to move from hosted to self-hosted platform

CMS and SEO: A Perfect Pair

Once your content management system has been integrated, Appmocx will design and integrate content management systems that are search engine friendly. We have a wide array of marketing strategy tools that can help you leverage your CMS and produce a better overall ROI.

Our experienced team of experts can extend your CMS’s capabilities and provide invaluable results.


Appmocx for your CMS Development

Appmocx effectively handles all your needs, document management, collaboration, commence, workflow, and web content management. We are committed to giving our 100% for the websites based on the best web content management systems. We empower our clients to harness and leverage the power of modern technology, successful marketing techniques, and the best customer service practices. We enable our clients to communicate with their customers and prospects to maximize the efficiency of their business operations.

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