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The SCH Customer solution provides a digitized end-to-end customer collaboration right from the initial consultation to billing follow-thru process. It's secure, scalable, and has an In-call BII engine, mobile-ready UI, and integrates with SAP and other systems. The central repository platform assists companies provide real-time interaction with their vendors.

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Order Management allows you to view and manage customer orders, review and edit shipping information, manage returns and refunds, search for and view your inventory information.

Your sales executives can place and view order history of every single customer and know the processing status of the orders they have placed. New orders are updated into the back end in real time.

Our solution delivers real time visibility of the dealership across multi-departments, multi-locations and multi-franchises, all within a secure, online environment. With the capability of drilling down to the itemised level, our dealer analytics feature converts complex dealership data into simple visualisations, allowing dealers to focus on the important questions that demand immediate action.

With Digital Catalogue, you can get to know which products are the best sellers and who are your top procurers. Monitor orders based on clients, sales numbers etc and know which products are dying and those that are gaining popularity.

The solution helps you manage your customer relationships and supports the set up and operation of functions and processes for presales, service contract management, service order management, and customer interaction.

The digital catalogue allows us to create, cleanse and manage our own centralized supplier catalog facilitating a smooth flow in the procurement process.

A single product may have multiple variants based on the attributes but with Digital Catalogue, showcasing variant- specific details is easy. The extensive support for images, size, color and a variety of other attributes lets your sales executive exhibit variant-specific information to your customers.

Our SCH customer solution includese other features which provides access to support tools, services and applications, as well as related documentation and community content.

Other Key features

  • Different Logins for Dealers, Retailers & Sales Managers.
  • Order Tracking
  • Sales Visit Report
  • Feedback
  • Stock Information
  • Product Sharing via text, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Update Account Information
  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Capture Secondary Sales
  • Comprehensive Alert Framework (SMS, Email, WhatsApp)
  • Connectivity framework to integrate with other applications
  • File Upload (Image, Documents)
  • Offline Access
  • A single window for communication to customers.
  • Includes process coverage of customer inquiry till invoice submission.
  • Customer complaint management ensures customer satisfaction.
  • Allow customers to view product specification & related documentation.
  • Delivery schedule visibility.
  • Central data flow.
  • Accelerated communication
  • The Customer portal integration to ERP is very important because portals usually connect with catalogues, sales departments, inventory management, pricing software etc.

Benefits Of SCH Customer Solution

  • This solution provides a secure and role based platform to collaborate with dealers in real-time, integrated with ERP and other systems.
  • The solution saves cost involved in managing a dealer support centre thus leads to improved dealer productivity and customer satisfaction.

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