SCH Manufacturing

Our business information system (SCH Manufacturing) integrates with ERP systems to present actionable data and allow operational and business transformation.

By integrating SCH Manufacturing with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, organizations will be able to gain insights and make smarter management decisions.

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Digitise and co-ordinate your critical tasks on your shopfloor and monitor operational metrics & production status in real-time.

Get notified through SMS or e-mail for major events in your factory like idle time pockets, variations in product or process and more.

Based on rules defined by you, and driven by the Control Plan, prevent rejections by interlocking the machines proactively.

Digital assistant for maintenance engineers to perform maintenance tasks on a handheld device. With SCH Manufacturing, maintenance engineers can view assigned task list, trace geolocation of equipment, record measuring points, create notifications alongwith site photos, convert notifications into maintenance orders, create maintenance orders, view available stock of spares & production resource tools and request for allocation, work clearance management, reports and much more. SCH Manufacturing provides offline access considering lack of internet in remote sites.

Online SPC to monitor and proactively escalate issues preventing rejections.

Monitor and maximise OEE with realtime insights at plant, cell, or machine level.

Monitor key process parameters in realtime, based on Control Plans, and interlock and escalate on any deviations.

Compatible with All machines and processes.


Our Smart Manufacturing Solutions add a lot of benefits to your business:

  • Improvement in plant visibility to identify bottlenecks
  • Real-time view of data for informed decision making
  • Reduction in wastage as result of reduced decision-making time
  • Realized total cost of ownership
  • Improves operational quality and efficiency

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