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Only with accurate and timely Business Intelligence can you hope to stay ahead of the competition. It is not enough to simply keep up with the rest - you could find yourself being left behind at any time. Appmocx provides you with the necessary Business Intelligence services that you need to stand out in the race with your competitors.

Business Intelligence Overview

Business Intelligence, or BI for short, is about helping you find insights from existing data. The findings could then be utilized to your advantage. For instance, if you find that certain employees are more productive in some shifts, it would make sense to assign those shifts to these employees. Sometimes you might find that certain brands sell more in some geographies – this kind of information can help you focus your marketing resources better in those areas.

But what Business Intelligence tool is best for your business? There is Tableau, which generates some excellent business reports, and also Microsoft’s Power BI, which is more visual to help you understand the data better.

Why Appmocx as your Development Team for BI

If you were looking to hire a Power BI, Tableau or Qlikview developer, we can be of assistance.

  • Our work pertaining to dashboards / reports development in Power BI has been appreciated by the actual users. The data presented can be customized in the way you want.
  • We can assist you to hire a Tableau developer. Our expertise is this area is second to none.
  • Our technology has been most relevant to those who provide consulting, reporting & analytics services to others.
  • Customers using our solutions have reported their sales improving by 40%, cash flows by 22%, and profits by 16% every year.
  • After analysing your requirements, we shall be able to suggest you which BI tool is most suitable for your business.

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