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At Appmocx, we build world class apps for iOS, Android and other leading mobile platforms. With a multi-disciplined team comprising of some of the best developers and UI designers in the industry, Appmocx is the ideal mobile app development company to partner with to help your business develop powerful and user-friendly applications to help you secure your share of the mobile market.

Overview of Mobile App Development Service

Between 40-60% of people now use mobile devices as their primary access point to the internet, mobile apps have taken centre-stage when it comes to establishing a business’ online presence. As this focus on mobile development continues, the advantages of having your own app, as well as the consequences of having no mobile-optimized online presence for your company, continue to increase.

Benefits of having your own Mobile App

Having your own app has so many advantages:

  • With an app, you become more visible to your customers. Your products/service offerings are easily available to them 24/7 and across platforms.
  • An app helps you deliver a more personalised service that can be customised to your users.
  • With an app, users won’t have to keep logging in and signing out at the end of each session. This is achieved by Facebook API and Google API integration. They can start using the app with their Facebook or Google accounts – their personal details are collected from here.
  • Apps can help you tap into the functionality of the phone, such as GPS. This can be a great value addition when trying to push location-based services to them.
  • You can also market to them directly, with greater discounts or an easy to use loyalty programme that would be available to those who use the app more often.
  • Apps can access more of the smartphone’s processing power. This is an advantage because the application will run faster and better than when offered through a mobile-ready website.
  • Apps do not always require to be connected to the Internet, unlike mobile websites. This helps users when they are travelling and encounter patchy or no network coverage areas.

Why choose Appmocx for your Mobile Apps

Here are few reasons to choose us as your development partner:

  • Our focus on quality and user experience, we have come to be known as one of the best mobile application development companies.
  • Only Appmocx has a team of experienced mobile application development professionals that know what you need, and have the expertise and capability to deliver apps that are secure, feature rich, elegantly designed and which will help make your business stand out in a crowded and highly competitive market.
  • Our mobile app development service is second to none. We go the extra mile to deliver solutions that cater to your unique needs. This includes support for multiple languages or payment integration.
  • We offer customer intelligence to help you better understand your target demographic and will provide recommendations on how your app should be developed and across what platforms it should be offered on based on our findings. This helps you save time and resources, allowing you to find your ‘market fit’ in no time.
  • We look at the type of devices that are commonly used in the market(s) you intend to launch your app, and develop the app accordingly.
  • Our team includes ace design experts who spare no effort to ensure the best user interface for your app, as well as seasoned testers. They’ll work together that your app doesn’t just look fantastic, but is easy to use and works perfectly every time and across a variety of devices and hardware configurations.
  • The apps we develop are easy-to-use, professional-looking and attractive. This makes users want to use them again and again.

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