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No business can hope to exist without a website today. A website establishes it as authentic and lends it credibility.
Have you noticed that a lot of websites look alike? This is because they use common themese from WordPress, Squarespace or other similar services. A custom-designed site from Appmocx, the premier website development company in India, can help you stand apart from the cookie-cutter competition and distinguish yourself in the market.

Overview of Web App Development Service

Having your own website is no longer a luxury and most businesses use their website increasingly as their primary source of lead generation and to perform the majority of customer service interactions. Websites are extremely cost efficient and on average provide a simply astonishing return on investment. This applies even more so to small business owners and tradesmen who don’t already have established brand value.

Developing a successful website begins with understanding your audience. You need to have an idea of the market it will cater to, the devices that they tend to use (this helps figure out the right web applications for the site), and a rough estimate of the number of visitors. The website should then be built accordingly, with the capability for being scaled up to handle more visitors as your company grows. Before being launched, it should be tested thoroughly to guarantee that it will work as expected.

How A Positive Web Presence Can Help You

There are several advantages to having your own website.

  • A website provides you with the most exposure for your business. Done right, you could easily hope for a lot of business to come in through your web presence.
  • With a web development company India, the costs of website development, which are often expensive, are significantly reduced.
  • Half of the world’s internet access happens on smartphones. So makes sense to hire web developers India who are experienced in mobile-friendly web development.
  • Responsive website development, in which the website scales itself to fit the screen it is being viewed on, is an example of how you can provide an exceptional user experience to all your visitors.
  • Your website should not be ‘static’, but ‘dynamic’ so visitors find it engaging. This requires web apps to be integrated with your site.
  • Having a website enables you to build a loyal user base to which you could market your products / services.
  • A website is also the most cost-effective way of advertising that delivers the highest ROI (Return On Investment).

What Kind of Application Can Be Developed (CMS, CRM, Portal, Web Application, APIs)

There are a number of web applications that can be seamlessly integrated with your website. A professional software development company, such as Appmocx, can provide you with web development services that are truly world-class.

  • We can provide you with a Content Management System for your website if there are a lot of pages/content. This will help you to add and remove content with ease, keeping it updated.
  • With a Customer Relationship Management system, you can capture leads through your website and follow up on them.
  • Because we are also a mobile app development company, we work closely with our Android app developer team to ensure that your website can be integrated with your app, be that now in the present or in the future.
  • Apart from the standard plug-and-play web applications and APIs, we also develop custom web applications for your site. These lend it an ‘exclusive’ feel and contributes greatly to the user experience.
  • Whether your website is a small one or a large portal, we can help with all your web application development needs.

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