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We develop responsive and engaging mobile applications for your business that encourages your user engagement as well as provides consistent performance. Appmocx developers provide you with the professional development services of Android, iOS, and cross-platform applications.

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Cloud / Web App

We build custom web applications, portals, and e-commerce solutions for your business assuring that they hold the characteristics of being secure, scalable, and functional. Our team understands your business requirements and develop the befitting web solution for you abiding by the cost-effective approach and using the latest technologies.

Building Products
That Scale With You  Startup/MVP

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Create novel solutions or products for your business

At Appmocx Pvt Ltd., we believe in exclusivity. Our team assists you in the alignment of the whole process from the market research to strategy making, productive development, and standard testing with your business goals and use cases.

Enhance and scale your existing product

Do you already have a mobile application, but not satisfied with its outcomes? We are here. Our team helps you improve your existing product by enhancing customer experience, efficiency, and various components of the application

Hire an expert to support your team or project

We are a team of specialists. We work with your team to come up with a compelling and befitting solution; by using their knowledge of your business and our expertise in the field of mobile app development

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iOS Mobile App Development

iPhone, iPad, and Apple watch app creation services are offered by our developers. We design iOS apps that are adaptable, responsive, and have an appealing user experience. From planning to complete iOS application development and standard iOS application testing, we handle it all. Employ our developers for secure, up-to-date apps.

Android Mobile App Development

Appmocx engineers create unique Android apps that comply with the newest Android app development standards. Our Android developers are experts in tablets, TV, wearables, and smartphones. We create adaptable, interesting, and user-friendly apps. Hire our engineers to develop Android Wearables, and Android TV apps for your business.

React Native Mobile App Development

We build excellent mobile apps for you using React Native. The same UI blocks as Android and iOS apps are utilized to develop your program. React Native speeds up and reduces the cost of mobile app development. Employ our experts to design unique React Native apps that function on all platforms and support the newest OS versions.

UWP App Development

We develop enterprise and e-commerce UWP mobile apps. Our engineers align your business cores with the design and building process to create a full-fledged mobile app with appropriate User Experience and appealing User Interface. Hire Appmocx professionals to develop and maintain UWP mobile applications for consistent and efficient performance.

Flutter Mobile App Development

Appmocx developers use Google's Flutter framework to optimize your mobile apps. Android, iOS, PC, and web platforms can run flutter apps. Our developers build widget-filled mobile apps using object-oriented language and standard compilation methods. Hire Appmocx Pvt Ltd's developers for professional flutter mobile app development.

Cross-Platform/ Hybrid Mobile App Development

Creating multiple-platform company mobile apps to reach a diverse audience. Cross-platform apps support several operating systems and use their own coding to increase user engagement. Hire our developers to create economical and diversified mobile apps using React Native, Xamarin, PhoneGap, and Titanium.

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Look into the ways in which we’ve helped previous customers achieve their goals. Explore our problem-solving and creation of innovative digital solutions in action with the help of our case studies.

Simplifying Development Process

Discovery Workshops

Product discovery workshops are conducted by our company to determine business goals and the purpose of the project, to prioritise core functionalities, to comprehend target audiences, to construct user personas, and to examine the requirements and journeys of the target users.

Scoping Sessions

During scoping sessions, we have conversations with clients about their objectives and the ways in which we can assist them in gaining a greater understanding of the product and how it functions. We provide a thorough Statement of Work (SOW) including budget and timing estimates.


Business Analysis

In order to translate the requirements of our most important stakeholders into a solution that can really be used, our business analysts collaborate closely with those stakeholders. They do strategic analysis and represent the client's interests throughout the whole development lifecycle.

Product Design Sprint

It is a five-day, five-stage brainstorming process. Our ultimate objective is to create a prototype that effectively conveys an idea. Months of preparation, prototyping, and testing are completed in days to validate concepts with real users and identify process improvements.


The development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) begins immediately following rapid prototyping. It maintains the essential capabilities, and it is designed specifically to acquire helpful comments and suggestions from the customers that use it.


Once your revolutionary idea has been implemented, we will draft a description for the app store and make it available to millions of people across the world. We ensure product quality and client retention by providing pre-release testing and ongoing support.

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